Empowering Bankers to Thrive.

Who We Are

GT Securities is a modern, tech-driven investment bank and broker-dealer platform.

GT Securities is a full-service investment banking platform on which Independent Investment Bankers, M&A Advisors and global and domestic Institutional Financiers transact deals.

Our bankers:

  • Raise equity and debt capital (primary and secondary)
  • Execute upon business sale, acquisition and divestiture transactions (M&A)
  • Advise on both sell and buy side


Over 250 transactions, representing an aggregate deal value of greater than $4 billion, have been completed on our platform.

GT Securities is a member of FINRA and SIPC.

What we do

Broker-Dealer Services

GT Securities will work with you to design a customized broker/dealer relationship that factors in your transaction types and frequencies, outside business activities, compliance and licensing requirements including:
What we do

Banking Services

Bankers on the GT Securities platform:

Why Work With Us

Benefits of Working with GT Securities


A “fast” compliance platform that provides high-speed, efficient turn-around on your mandates and deals


Our lean, technology-based platform allows us to offer industry-leading payouts

Best of Class Tools

Access to best of class, ready-to-use legal templates, along with research & technology platforms

Deal Referring

Peer networking, collaboration, and thought leadership with some of the most successful investment bankers

Industry Relationships

Access to our industry relationships, including law firms, deal diligence, and compliance and regulatory providers

Branding Choices

Operate, market and sell under your own brand and/or under the GT Securities umbrella

Analyst/Associate Support

Preferred access to cost effective banker analyst and associate level personnel support, ranging from marketing, industry and competitive research, to presentation graphics, to CIM drafting, to investor / acquirer list development, to full deal "handoff" and more


Coverage under GT Securities’ Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy


A flexible broker/dealer relationship that can be terminated at your discretion