Firm Update: October 2023

Welcome to our October Broker-Dealer Newsletter. 

Below, I would like to share a few thoughts on deal referral marketing. Then, Michelle Mueller will provide compliance updates, and Zaya Bold will do so for collaboration.

To all of our success!

Deal Referral Marketing – What the Best Bankers Do

With Q4 2023 upon us, the deal landscape remains uneven but, as always, has ample and lucrative pockets of opportunities. 

And for bankers focused on ensuring a steady pipeline of deal looks, nothing compares to activating one’s deal referral network.  

Yes we all know this – but like healthy eating and exercise – all reminders and motivations to just do it is invaluable.  

Here’s how I see the bankers on our platform that get the most and best deal referrals do it:

1. They are Really Good at What They Do.  This is obvious, but the bankers that get deal referrals are those with the best reputations and the most impressive track records of transactional success. 

And thus they activate the “Law of Attraction,” where when a very important deal absolutely must get done, it is naturally and almost effortlessly referred to them.

2. They Work the Financial Services’ Channel.  Effectively networked bankers nurture relationships primarily with key financial service industry partners – attorneys, accountants, Private Equity & VC, investment advisors / wealth managers, etc. – versus with operational executives. 

The thought here is that while an operating executive might have 1-2 deal referrals over the course of their business careers, a fellow industry professional of quality has them on an ongoing basis. 

3. They Connect the Personal and Business Dots. The best advisors connect the dots between clients’ personal financial motivations – lifestyle, retirement, generational wealth – and unlocking the value and liquidity from what is most usually their primary asset – their operating business. 

Of course, this kind of “personal plus business” intimate conversation takes a lot of trust and significant client value-ad over time.  

So what better way to be introduced to an M&A conversation than via that company’s legal counsel, or the individual who prepares their taxes and balances their books, or those who manage their money?

GT Investment Management

The value of these “personal plus business” kinds of dialogues and relationships is a core reason why GT Securities established this year an affiliated Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) partner firm. 

Our belief is that it will facilitate and activate referral and fee sharing partnerships between our bankers and other financial industry professionals in all of our networks.

Sometimes, to do so as complementary professionals and sometimes as fee shares – of deal fees via broker-dealer licensing for referral partners and for money management fees via investment advisory licensing via our RIA.  

Both scenarios are win-win, and should be explored by any / all GTS investment bankers seeking both to secure new mandates and to smooth out their lumpy deal-based revenue models with recurring AUM.

So, I encourage us all to network and build and nurture relationships with the financial service professionals in our network.

It has both value in itself and is one of the most consistent paths to higher quality and more consistent deal flow. 

To learn more about our RIA, I encourage you to contact Mr. Randy Fox, GT Investment Management’s COO, at [email protected]

Have a Potential Wealth Management Client Referral?  I encourage you to connect with one of Southern California’s most prominent boutique wealth management firms – Pasadena Private Wealth – principals of which are also registered investment bankers on our platform. Please reach out to Randy to learn more / for an introduction.

Compliance Updates

FINRA Reg CE Reminder. A reminder that effective Jan. 1, 2023, FINRA rules require Registered Representatives to complete their continuing education (CE) Regulatory Element annually by Dec. 31. Resources:

– Michelle Mueller, Chief Compliance Officer

Platform Resources and Deals 

Referrals. Do you know an investment banker looking for the benefits of independence and  professionalism provided on the GT Securities platform? We are always interested in speaking to highly ethical and credentialed banking professionals to join our platform. Please reach out to me at [email protected] to learn more.

Zaya Bold, Director of Banking Partnerships

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