Firm Update: March 2024

Welcome to our March Broker – Dealer newsletter.

Below, I would like to discuss how investment bankers can add an RIA value proposition to their advisory practices.

Then we are excited to share some exciting compliance platform enhancements.

To all of our success!

Is an RIA Right for Your Banking Practice? 

In September 2023, we launched our Registered Investment Advisor as an exciting adjunct to our broker-dealer platform.   

The firm manages wealth for Businesses, Families, Trusts, and Individuals on an Assets Under Management (AUM), Financial Planning Fee for Service and Transactional basis.

Key differentiators of our RIA platform include:

  • A Best-in-Class FinTech Wealth Management Platform with Charles Schwab as Funds Custodian, Amplify as Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP), S&P for Market Intelligence, Markel for Insurance, and Evalueserve for Research Support & Analytics
  • Access to Alternatives. Via our investment banking, distribution and wholesale partnerships, access to best-in-class private equity and alternative investments, includingSecondaries and Co-Investment, Alternative Credit, Real Estate, Structured Settlements, etc,

Our unique, hybrid platform is built for: 

1.  “Pure Play” Investment Bankers. To empower dual RIA plus Broker – Dealer Licensing for “pure play” investment bankers seeking offer clients the synergistic value-add of “business wealth plus personal wealth” advice and planning.  

This can be done either directly or via referral partner fee relationships with our nationwide network of wealth managers and financial planners. 

For M&A advisory assignments, this might involve augmenting the traditional “prepare for sale” and transactional process with more involved personal tax and estate planning and scenario analyses.  

Then, as business sales events are consummated, to advise upon and manage the investment proceeds from the business liquidity event.

2.  For Wealth Managers Serving the “Owner/Operator” Client Demographic. Similarly and in parallel, our platform Investment Management is built for ambitious, ultra-high integrity investment advisors who seek:

  • A Turnkey Investment Management Platform (TAMP). A comprehensive solution designed by financial advisors for financial advisors that provides all the necessary tools and services to manage investment portfolios for clients of all types and sizes.

  • Revenue Model Flexibility. A flexible, modern, technology-driven RIA platform on which to manage and grow their investment management practice via an AUM, Financial Planning Fees, and / or Commission Basis

  • Interest in Alternatives. Desirous of offering clients true investment value-add through a blended, risk-managed public markets / alternatives-driven investment approach

  • Comprehensive Wealth Management and Business Exit Planning. For wealth managers serving entrepreneurial, small business, and family business clients, our dual RIA and broker-dealer structure empowers earning investment banking fees on client M&A liquidity events and then advising upon and managing the investment proceeds

Interested in Learning More?

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Compliance Platform Enhancements

At GT Securities, we are constantly reviewing our internal technologies and communications protocols with the parallel goals of:

  1. Ensuring Regulatory Compliance. Above all else, assuring that in everything and at all times, we are all communicating and interfacing in a manner that ensures the best and most appropriate compliance with the relevant rules and regulations – SEC, FINRA, State, and increasingly non-domestic / international. 

  2. Mitigating Civil Litigation and Reputational Risk. In critical parallel with the above, constant vigilance and attention to all work processes, communications (oral and written, internal and external), and evaluation and monitoring of who we are all doing business with to minimize civil litigation and reputational risk and exposure for all.

  3. Getting On With It.  Accomplish the above with time and energy efficiency and with ROI such that we all do more and better business than via the slipshod mindset and approach taken by so many of our industry brethren and competitors and … while holding the mindset of “finding a way to get it done” vs. bureaucratically defaulting to “no.”

In these spirits, we are excited to announce these compliance platform updates:

  • Revised Compliance Deal Intake Form. We have upgraded the Compliance Deal Intake Form such that as it is completed, a compliance disposition – in many circumstances – is provided right away. 
  • New “Master” Compliance Form. This new “Master Form” provides a radio button / smart logic to answer and route the most common compliance and platform support questions and inquiries.
  • New Contract Review Form. This New Contract Review Form similarly – in many circumstances – provides immediate approvals for contract / engagement letter drafts and client red lines.
  • New U4 / Onboarding Form. Reference this new form for U4 / Firm Onboarding guidance and support. 
  • New “Human Staffed” Live Chat Support. Starting this month, we are excited to roll out Live “Human Staffed” Chat Support during business hours. Try it out at this link!
  • New Compliance Email. Don’t like Chat or Forms? Well, we’ve got you covered with a new compliance support email also “human-staffed” and replied to during business hours. 
  • New Automated OFAC. Starting in April, we have purchased access to Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud solutions, which “offers domestic public record data on every person and business in the U.S. along with International Negatives News & Adverse Media, Sanctions & PEP services covering 195 countries for screening, investigating, and monitoring people and businesses around the globe.”

We will utilize this comprehensive tool to reduce client / counterparty “bad actor” risk and drumroll please … automated OFAC record search and clearances! 

Yes, starting in April, bankers will no longer need to perform OFAC checks as part of the deal approval process. 

We are excited and confident that the changes above will further fortify our compliance systems, reduce our collective risk, save time, and empower us all to do more and better business.  

Referrals. Do you know an investment banker looking for the benefits of independence and professionalism provided on the GT Securities platform? We are always interested in speaking to highly ethical and credentialed banking professionals to join our platform. Please reach out to me at [email protected] to learn more.

                                                 Happy March to All!

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