Sales of Private Companies

GT Securities specializes in providing sell-side advisory services for emerging and middle market companies valued at greater than $5 million and less than $25 million.

At GT Securities, we are passionate about entrepreneurship. We have started, built, and sold businesses ourselves. We take pride in helping our clients sell their businesses at maximum valuation in order to reap the significant financial rewards of successful entrepreneurship.

Our unique approach leverages the firm’s research, strategy, and deal execution capabilities to provide unparalleled sell-side advisory services. Our customized methodology ensures that clients receive maximum value for their company, a focused and efficient sales process, and an optimal transaction arrangement.

GT Securities’ sell-side advisory process consists of the following components:

  • Discovery
    • Interview company management to fully understand objectives
    • Perform extensive due diligence of the business, its products and services, target markets and future growth opportunities
    • Complete a valuation of the business
  • Documentation
    • Develop a high quality offering memorandum that highlights the strategic and synergistic benefits that the company provides to potential buyers
    • Prepare marketing materials for distribution to potential buyers
  • Execution
    • Research and analyze a target group of buyers through our proprietary informational databases
    • Initiate contact with buyers, and work to negotiate and close the sale with the clients’ objectives in mind