M&A Strategy

GT Securities specializes in developing merger and acquisition strategies for emerging and middle market companies valued between $5 million and $25 million.

Our unique approach to M&A strategy integrates GT’s research, strategy consulting, and investment banking capabilities to develop a merger or acquisition plan that will successfully achieve growth and/or liquidity for your company.

The key to a successful merger and acquisition strategy is to have keen sense of the landscape in which your company competes. We leverage our research and strategy capabilities to analyze your industry and competitive landscape and to identify opportunities for attractive business sales, acquisitions, mergers, buy-outs and divestitures.

Throughout the process, we work closely with company management to understand your business objectives. We synthesize our research findings to develop a strategic plan outlining the merger and acquisition strategy in line with your objectives.

Our process for developing an M&A strategy includes the following steps:

  • Management Interviews
    • Meet and speak with company management to understand and articulate objectives
  • Research and Strategy
    • Perform primary and secondary research to analyze industry, market and competition
    • Utilize proprietary research databases and perform additional research to identify attractive acquisition targets or potential buyers
  • Recommendations
    • Develop a comprehensive M&A plan with milestones, timelines, and frequency and size of deals