M&A Due Diligence

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GT Securities provides comprehensive due diligence services for the purpose of reviewing and investigating merger and acquisition opportunities.

Our M&A due diligence practice leverages the firm’s research, strategy consulting, and investment banking capabilities to accurately assess the risks and benefits of a proposed acquisition or acquisition.

For acquisitions, we provide an extensive review of acquisition candidates to ensure that a purchase would pose no unnecessary risks to the acquiring company’s shareholders. We also provide due diligence of the acquirer to ensure that relinquishing control will not bring unforeseen risks to the company’s owners, management team and employees.

Additionally, we provide a full mutual review between two companies in preparation for a merger. This includes a comprehensive analysis of the target company’s financial statements including income statements, balance sheets and cash flows.

We also assess other relevant areas of concern such as legal arrangements, management team and organizational structure, information technology, corporate environment and the current market position of the company in order to determine a valuation for the company’s assets for acquisition.

Our due diligence process not only adds value to the transaction but fully assesses the valuation price and identifies financial risks. Our process critically analyzes all aspects of the target or acquirer that may have a significant impact on the value of the deal.

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