Divestiture Advisory Services


Bankers on the GT Securities platform provide corporate finance and divestiture advisory services for companies of all types and sizes.

Our bankers work side-by-side with companies looking to grow financially by selling a core business unit or division, or by removing assets to focus resources on opportunities that are better poised for growth.

Utilizing a customized divestiture strategy and methodology, our bankers ensure that clients experience a focused and efficient process and achieve an optimal transactional outcome.

Our divestiture advisory services consist of the following components:

GT Securities is one of the premier broker-dealer FINRA member firms that provide services to clients seeking to explore if a divestiture / carve-out focus would build value for their business. 

We encourage businesses seeking insights as to the current transaction and sell-side environment in their industry to connect with us for a complimentary portfolio review. 

Working with both buyers and sellers, our banker aim always to first build trust and to understand the various factors that maximize value in a transaction process: critical insights related to tax, accounting, and the overall divestitures process.  For businesses seeking to sell, attract investors, and/or gain insights into the types and sizes of transactions, carve-outs, and divestitures in their business, our process can be invaluable.

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