Corporate Restructuring

GT Securities provides strategic corporate restructuring for under-performing businesses, as well as emerging and middle market companies following a merger, acquisition, divestiture, or leveraged buy-out.

The impact of corporate restructuring is generally widely felt, touching shareholders, creditors, investors, employees, suppliers, customers and the community.

GT Securities eases this impact by providing strategy consulting and a comprehensive restructuring plan. In addition, we help clients secure debt and equity financing, while reducing cost and reorganizing operations. We also place top level professionals in management positions to turnaround the company’s financial performance.

Our customized, strategic approach to restructuring limits financial losses and simultaneously reduces tensions between creditors and shareholders. By doing so, we seek to alleviate the temporary distressed situation and improve the company’s competitive position.

Our restructuring process includes the following components:
  • Discovery
    • Conduct interviews with management, investors, and creditors
    • Perform extensive due diligence to ensure company liquidity during implementation of the restructuring

  • Strategy
    • Identify areas for potential cost reduction as well as revenue growth
    • Develop a strategic and up-to-date business plan, including accurate five year working capital financial models

  • Implementation
    • Implement the strategic restructuring plan
    • Recruit experienced senior executives for management positions
    • Achieve total mediation with creditors and investors
    • Secure additional debt and/or equity financing