Private Equity and Venture Capital


Through our partner Growthink Capital, we have helped countless companies raise capital from venture capitalist (VCs) and private equity (PE) firms. Please complete our form below and one of Growthink Capital’s bankers will contact you right away to discuss working together.

GT Securities is committed to helping emerging companies develop and implement successful business strategies.

Since 1999, through our affiliate Growthink we have worked closely with 2,000 start-ups and emerging companies on many different aspects of their business, from business planning and capital raising to financial modeling and market research.

We leverage our deep entrepreneurial consulting experience to advise private equity and venture capital firms on potential investments and acquisitions.

We help private equity and venture capital investors identify, assess and screen potential investments into innovative and high growth companies. Additionally, we provide valuable strategic consulting services to portfolio companies in order to accelerate growth and maximize investors’ return on investment.

Our consulting services include:

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