Business Consulting Services

Bankers on the GT Securities platform provide strategic business advisory services to companies of all sizes and stages of development.

Our business advisory services include:
business advisory services

Fairness Opinions

We offer professional evaluations of a company to determine whether a merger, acquisition, buyback, spin-off, or buyout is a fair and viable option for the organization. These services include valuation analysis of a target company, evaluation of the business rationale of a transaction, and opinion as to the overall fairness and value of the proposed transaction.

Business Valuation Services

Our business valuation services include discounted cash flow analysis, net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR) analysis, future growth, and contraction trends, and valuations based on market comparables, insights and review of search criteria as to buyers appetites, and in the context of a business sale, merger or acquisition.

finance partner
project management

Our banking professionals provide management consulting and advisory services to clients including private equity and venture capital firms that are planning investments or are seeking to address the performance of portfolio companies. 

Business Strategy

Our bankers provide business consulting and financial services to companies across industries to address business challenges including:

  • Evaluating inorganic growth opportunities through potentials mergers and/or acquisitions with competing / comparable businesses and organizations
  • Evaluating technology trends impacting the business and its ability to stay ahead of the competition and to identify the right solutions, expertise, and process to identify the “core technology  matter” that will drive businesses in the industry in the future
  • Providing an impartial review and opinion as to the strength of the company’s management team, its executives, its employees, its marketing and brand, and of its comparable expertise and resources when compared to competing companies in its industry
  • Evaluating and rating potential partnership opportunities with adjacent / complementary businesses, 
  • General business consulting and advisory services to enhance a company’s financial, marketing, and operations functions, along with services and insights to define and improve key firm KPIs and its overall business processes 
  • As appropriate, serving in both a traditional consultant capacity along with being prepared as needed to step into – either temporarily or sometimes permanently – more of a full-time job role

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