Investment Banking

GT Securities is a modern, tech-driven investment bank and broker-dealer platform.

Our global network of professionals has completed hundreds of transactions across dozens of industries and geographies with the support of our fast, best-in-class compliance solutions.

GT Securities is a member of FINRA and SIPC.  

Mergers & Acquisitions

We register, support and supervise some of the highest credentialed and successful M&A professionals in the industry.
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We register, support and supervise some of the best connected and effective financiers and deal-makers in the world. 
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Interim Sponsorship

We work with groups seeking to form their own broker-dealer and need a regulatory bridge until they obtain FINRA approval.
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Foreign Broker Dealers

We works with select investment professionals working outside the United States who are interested in reaching US institutional investors and acquirers. 
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Benefits of Working with GT Securities

GT Securities offers a variety of benefits for independent Investment Bankers, M&A Advisors and Institutional Financiers (global and domestic).


A “fast” compliance platform that provides high speed, efficient turn-around on your mandates and deals.


Our lean, technology-based platform allows us to offer industry-leading payouts, where the vast majority of earned fees flow to the investment banker not the “house”

Best of Class Tools

Access to best of class, ready-to-use legal templates, along with research & technology platforms including PitchBook, CapitalIQ, IBISWorld, Hoovers & Statista, all driving more efficient dealmaking

Deal Referring

Peer networking, collaboration, and thought leadership with some of the most successful investment bankers in the industry, and to allow you to profit from deals that may not be suitable for your own investor/acquirer network.

Industry Relationships

Access to our industry relationships, including law firms, deal diligence, and compliance and regulatory experts (developed over 20 years as a broker-dealer)

Branding Choices

Operate, market and sell under your own brand (including turnkey banker website development with transaction sharing), and/or under the GT Securities umbrella


Coverage under GT Securities’ Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy


A flexible broker/dealer relationship that can be terminated at your discretion