Firm Update: October 2022


Welcome to our October Broker – Dealer Newsletter.

Below we will share “one big idea” that characterizes the best investment bankers we have had the good fortune to work with and know. Michelle Mueller will then share compliance updates, Zaya Bold will do so for banker collaboration

To all of our success,

Jay Turo
Managing Director
GT Securities, Inc.

As I have noted on previous occasions, one of the cool aspects of my leadership and oversight role with GT Securities is the visibility I have as to the work habits, focus, and approach that separate the investment bankers that prosper in an independent investment banking model from those that don’t.

You can read some of my thoughts in this regard in previous articles here and here.

To these, I would like to offer this one big idea: the best independent investment bankers take 100% responsibility for all things, at all times and in all circumstances. They:

  • Know that it is they and they alone that must design and execute upon a marketing and business development plan that ensures a steady flow of quality new mandate opportunities.
  • And this marketing and business development plan also simultaneously targets and nurtures their “ecosystem relationships” – investors / buyers, attorneys, accountants, and fellow bankers with non-overlapping industry / market expertise and financial industry relationships, etc.
  • Similarly, they take full responsibility for their regulatory compliance – both to being well versed in the federal, state (and when appropriate, international) securities laws, FINRA rules and regulations, and the compliance and documentation protocols of their broker-dealer. And when there are those dreaded “gray areas,” they take the default mindset that if it is gray, it is just better not to do it, even if short-term dollars are sacrificed in the process. 
  • And with all of the above and more, they are always conscientious and professional. They know it is cliche, but especially in our Internet / social media age, that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and just a moment to lose one. 

So let’s continue to have responsibility as our guiding star, and continue to do great things together!

Compliance Updates

GT Securities Registered Person Folder. All GT Securities Registered Persons have access to the Box GT Securities Registered Person Folder. Please reference the folder for the latest versions of contract templates and compliance items, as they are updated regularly.

Box Deal Data Room Functionality. Note that within Box.com, email notifications can be set up at the folder level when an invited user (i.e., a prospective investor / acquirer on a deal) previews or downloads a file.  

Compliance Operations Manager. The Firm announced our newest GT Securities compliance team member last month, Mr. Carl Castro. Carl serves as our Compliance Operations Manager and assists with administrative and regulatory processes, including U-4 updating, OBA disclosures, Annual Attestations, Continuing Education (CE), and more. 

Please, for all general compliance requests or inquiries, reach out to Carl directly. Note that firm compliance will determine the risk and urgency of all requests. 

Michelle Mueller, Chief Compliance Officer

Affiliate Updates & Services 

Investor/Buyer Highlight. $600MM Investment fund focused on non-sponsored middle market direct lending, privately negotiated special situation credit, and opportunistic equity investments (80% credit focused/20% equity focused). The investment fund is backed by a large private office with very patient and flexible capital that is also seeking middle market direct acquisition opportunities. The fund is targeting investments in the $10mm – $25mm range. The industry is agnostic except for no cannabis or real estate initially. If your clients are seeking capital for growth, acquisitions, refinance, or restructuring that would fit into the investment fund’s mandate, please reach out, and we will introduce the GTS affiliate. 


Introduction to Evalueserve. Save your seat! Join the GT Securities and Evalueserve team for an interactive live session on banker best practices to utilize Evalueserve’s associate and analyst support teams and research and data resources to drive new business and close more deals.  

The webinar took place on Thursday, October 13th, 2022 and a recording of it can be viewed via this link

GT Securities – Platform Best Practices and Idea Sharing.  On October 28th, from 1:15 pm PT – 2 pm PT, the GT Securities Broker-Dealer team will be online for a refresher on the compliance, collaboration, communication, finance, and accounting protocols and best practices on our platform.

Deals. We receive many deal opportunities from our affiliate bankers and external partners, and upon assessing them, we share select deals with our affiliate network.

Zaya Bold, Director of Banking Partnerships 

Happy October to all!

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