Firm Update: June 2024

Welcome to our June Broker – Dealer newsletter!

First, we will share some thoughts on collaboration best practices on our platform. 

Then, we will provide compliance and collaboration updates

To all of our success!

Winning Together

An ongoing inquiry for bankers on the GT Securities platform is how to best leverage and utilize collaboration opportunities on the platform to get more and better deals done faster. 

This leveraging and utilization might include the following:

  1. Best Practices Modeling. Leveraging our multi-year independent banker data sets we can compare, contrast, and benchmark best practices those bankers that do the most and best business versus those that don’t. Any regular reader of this newsletter knows this is one of my favorite topics, and I encourage referencing my previous posts on it herehere, and here.  
  2. Platform Branding – i.e. leveraging our collective resumes, tombstones, and transactional and industry specialities to communicate more “heft” and “breadth” to our individual banking and practice profiles.  Here, I would point to this awesome factoid on the GT Securities homepage: “Over 500 transactions, representing an aggregate deal value of greater than $10 billion, have been completed on our platform.”  And I would utilize our GT Securities overview deck here, both on a stand-alone basis and incorporating as appropriate into all of our stand-alone branding and marketing efforts.
  3. Directly Collaborating with other platform bankers on deal sourcing, mandate pitching, and deal distribution. Here, in addition to the organic networking and deal referring that naturally takes place everyday on the platform, we are excited to introduce a new, simplified deal collaboration protocol, whereby to explore deal collaboration, simply: 
    • Complete our new deal collaboration form at this link.
    • Receive compliance approval
    • The deal collaboration opportunity is then automatically forwarded via email to all bankers on the platform who have requested to see the collaboration deal flow.
    • All are then encouraged to directly connect with each other to discuss and explore. 
    • That’s it.

Let’s do more and better deals together. 


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