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Are you seeking to form your own and need a regulatory bridge until you receive Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) broker-dealer approval? Working on behalf of an introducing broker-dealer (IBD) that lacks the bandwidth to take on additional FINRA registrations?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then GT Securities’ interim sponsorship program is a time and cost-efficient solution that allows you to partner with an established broker-dealer and FINRA member firm as you go through the FINRA approval and FINRA exams process.

When you partner with us, we will:

  • Act as your sponsoring firm / open a regulatory window for you to sit for and pass your FINRA exams – i.e. sponsor you for the Series 7 general securities representative exam, the Series 79 Investment Banking Representative Exam, the Series 63, 82, 24, 27, 28, among others
  • Manage and process your require FINRA U4 disclosures, attestations, and continuing  education requirements, including Rule 3210, AML, Email, and Social Media disclosure and archiving, fingerprinting, OBA disclosures per FINRA Rule 3270, PST disclosures per FINRA 3280, CE 101 / CE201, among others
  • Upon approval of your FINRA member firm, expedite the transition to your newly formed broker-dealer

We have a long history of success in partnering with firms and sponsoring individuals through the FINRA approval process. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and will work with you every step of the way.

In addition to a full-time team dedicated to regulatory compliance, our interim sponsorship program offers benefits including the below.

Why Work With Us

Benefits of Working with GT Securities


An agile compliance platform that provides high speed, efficient turnaround on your mandates and deals.


Our lean, technology-based platform allows us to offer industry-leading payouts, where the vast majority of earned fees flow to the investment banker, not the "house."

Best of Class Tools

Access to best-in class research & technology platforms and information databases - driving more efficient deal making.

Deal Referring

Peer networking, collaboration, and thought leadership with some of the most successful investment bankers in the industry, allowing you to profit from deals that may not be suitable for your own investor/acquirer network.

Industry Relationships

Access to our industry relationships, including law firms, deal diligence, and compliance and regulatory industry experts (developed over 20 years as a broker-dealer).

Branding Choices

Operate, market and sell under your own brand and/or under the GT Securities umbrella. On-demand meeting and conference room access and availability via WeWork and Regus.

Analyst/Associate Support

Preferred access to cost effective banker analyst and associate level personnel support, ranging from marketing, industry and competitive research, to presentation graphics, to CIM drafting, to investor/acquirer list development, to full deal "handoff" and more.


SEC Rule 17a-4(f) compliant data platform, storage and retention, with 99.99%+ documented service uptimes. Named a Financial Services Review Top Compliance Service Company.


A flexible broker/dealer relationship that can be terminated at your discretion.

What Our Bankers Say


“Working on the GT Securities platform has been tremendous. Especially since GTS provides the opportunity to collaborate with other bankers that specialize in additional niche sectors that can offer additional resources for my clients. I’ve worked for other broker dealer platforms in the past and this is definitely the best place to be!”
matt m
Matt McNeill


“I like a lot of things about the GT Securities team, especially that they really understand how to handle complex transactions and unique business situations where I act as both a banker and an advisor with clients. They are flexible and highly responsive and I enjoy doing business with them."

frank b
Franck Brinkhaus


“My experience on the GT Securities platform has been excellent. I have found their entire broker dealer team to be ethical, responsive, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.”

james q
Jamie Gerard


“One of the ways I really have enjoyed working with GTS is the easy access to and professionalism of the Compliance team. GTS has experienced people in place who respond in a timely fashion, and often with additionally useful insight.”

Timothy Turner


“My team and I are thoroughly pleased with GT Securities; they are knowledgeable, extremely responsive, easy to work with, and a great source of support in instances where we seek guidance. I would highly recommend their platform to anyone looking for these qualities in a BD partner.”

bob malandro
Bob Malandro


“Over the years we have come to appreciate GT Securities’ constructive approach to supporting our ever-evolving business needs. Their responsiveness to urgent inquiries, thoughtful recommendations and hyper focus on compliance has allowed us to prioritize our time and energy on serving our clients and building our franchise. They have become true partners as a result and we would recommend them to anyone seeking a broker-dealer platform that has their clients’ best interests always front of mind.”
prath reddy
Prath Reddy


"My experience with GTS has been exceptional. GTS supports our team in managing complex transactions, provides support from other investment bankers specializing in different spaces (the referral program is first-rate!), provides a robust library of forms, and assists our team in meeting all of our compliance requirements on a timely manner. The platform is stable, simple to use, and run by business-minded professionals with steady hands."

Farzad Hoorizadeh


"GT Securities provides an array of services for boutique investment bankers. The GTS team is professional, terrific to work with and super responsive. GTS makes it easy to do business by providing the platform and resources to succeed. Highly recommend!"

dianne gubin
Dianne Gubin

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